End-to-end negotiation support – from preparation to implementation

the bridges
accompanies you throughout the entire negotiation process – from the identification of negotiation needs to follow-up after the conclusion of negotiations.

A typical negotiation process might include the following elements:

Identification of the need for negotiation

For example, to take advantage of current market developments, extend or terminate existing contracts, or to choose new suppliers or customers.

Negotiation preparation

Dedicated preparation of negotiations based on the ACCESS7 approach, e.g., intelligent use of information and facts for a comprehensive situation analysis, consideration of the negotiating position, the expected arguments of the opposing side and appropriate counterarguments, as well as simulation of the negotiation strategy.

Conduct of negotiations

Organization and support of the negotiations with the aim of optimizing the result for your company.
Important: final decision-making power is always in the hands of our clients.

Negotiation follow-up

Summary of the negotiation results and key lessons from the negotiations for the future to ensure sustainability.

Negotiation success checkup

Ensuring new conditions are implemented into an ERP system and determining success indicators during negotiations and benchmarking, for example

Our offer

The experienced experts at the bridges are at your disposal for the entire negotiation process or just for selected process steps, depending on your needs. We cover a wide range of negotiation topics in a corporate context (e.g., category expertise) across all industries.

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