„The question is: is negotiation an art or science? The answer is: yes!“

Richard Mnookin

„Knowledge is power!“

Francis Bacon

„Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate“

John F. Kennedy

„By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!“

Benjamin Franklin

„Information is a negotiator’s greatest weapon.“

Victor Kiam

We build bridges for your negotiation success!

the bridges is your service provider for negotiation support and implementation. Our experts improve your negotiation results for the long term.


  • We are convinced that the most successful negotiations are based on target-oriented preparation and sound facts.
  • Together, we develop and implement a holistic negotiation strategy by following a structured and sustainable approach with a practice-proven methodology: ACCESS7.
  • We accompany you from beginning to end: from the planning stage to the conclusion of your negotiations.

We provide you with tailor-made and comprehensive support in your negotiations!

You can commission our experts or book negotiation training for your employees.

A detailed, fact-oriented preparation for negotiations is our basis

It is scientifically proven that detailed preparation significantly increases the success of negotiations.

In order to guarantee this, we have developed the holistic methodology ACCESS7: the result of years of scientific research. The approach combines essential negotiation-relevant elements with practical negotiation experience.

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The client is our first priority.

For us, negotiation support always means that the needs and expectations of our clients come first. Our aim is to ensure transparent and measurable negotiation success. Our work and skills are fully geared towards your situation and satisfaction.

Ultimately, the decisive factor is how we, as a service provider, apply these values to successful negotiation implementation.

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