Why prepare for negotiations with access7? Because it works!

ACCESS7 is more than a method; it is the combined expertise of many years of practice and research in negotiation preparation. It is an instrument that integrates applied knowledge from all disciplines relevant to negotiations in a holistic way and has proven itself in many successful negotiations.

Access7 – scientific and practical relevance is our foundation

Our approach comprises seven steps, ensuring each negotiating team achieves the optimal negotiation result in a structured and targeted manner. The methodology is based on scientific and practical relevance.

Scientific relevance

includes the integration of various scientific disciplines relevant to negotiation, from economics (e.g., Harvard concept, game theory) to psychology (e.g., tactics) and sociology (e.g., behavioral theory).

Practical relevance

refers to our central requirement to proceed pragmatically in a target-oriented way and to prioritize scientific principles according to requirements in practice.

Access7 – the integrated holistic approach to negotiation

Our holistic perspective is your bridge to successful negotiations – from initial preparation to the successful conclusion of the negotiations.

We consider the specific negotiation situation (e.g., situation and developments of relevant markets, supplier/customer relationships, negotiating position) as well as your individual requirements and analyses for negotiations. Furthermore, established economic negotiation concepts, scenarios, as well as cultural and psychological factors are taken into account.

It is our goal to comprehensively and holistically accompany you on your negotiation journey.

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